St Luke’s Medical Center no longer accepts COVID-19 patients

The management of St. Luke’s Medical Center said on Tuesday that it will no longer accept coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patients on its branches in Quezon and Taguig City.

In a statement released online, St. Luke’s said both branches have exceeded the maximum capacity and admitting more COVID-19 patients will impact their ability to deliver critical level of care and attention.

St. Luke houses 48 confirmed COVID-19 patients, 139 persons under investigation and 592 frontline healthcare workers who are on quarantine.

As of Tuesday, the medical institution is still providing outpatient coronavirus testing for patients who qualify the stringent criteria set by the Department of Health. The collected specimen are being sent to Research Institute for Tropical Medicine for lab testing.

St. Luke’s Medical Center is urging the public to practice personal preventive measures by staying at home.

“Please help us flatten the curve. Protecting ourselves means protecting the health of our loved-ones as well,” said in the public advisory.

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