Surge in Cybercrime: Check Point 2023 Mid-Year Security Report Reveals 8% Spike in Global Cyberattacks

Old and new blend in cybercrime, AI and USB devices become unexpected accomplices. Lockbit3 leads ransomware surge in the first half of the year; Unconventional targets surface amid new attack patterns

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Check Point Research (CPR), the Threat Intelligence arm of Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd., has unveiled its 2023 Mid-Year Security Report. The report uncovers an unsettling 8% surge in global weekly cyberattacks in the second quarter, the most significant increase in two years, highlighting how cybercriminals have cunningly combined next-gen AI technologies with long-established tools like USB devices to conduct disruptive cyberattacks. The report also showcases how ransomware attacks have escalated in the first half of the year with new ransomware groups coming into the scene.

The 2023 Mid-Year Security Report uncovers the trends and behaviors that have defined the year so far.

Key insights from the 2023 Mid-Year Security Report include:

Ransomware groups have stepped up their game, exploiting vulnerabilities in commonly used corporate software and shifting their approach from data encryption to data theft.

USB Devices have resurfaced as significant threats, with both state-affiliated and independent hackers deploying USB drives as vectors for infecting organizations globally.

Hacktivism has seen a rise, with politically motivated groups launching attacks on selected targets.

Artificial Intelligence misuse has amplified, with generative AI tools being used to craft phishing emails, keystroke monitoring malware, and basic ransomware code, calling for stronger regulatory measures.

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