Tamiya 4WD enthusiasts unite at Subic Bay Banchetto 2023


Subic Bay Freeport  — Subic Bay Banchetto 2023, held against the beautiful backdrop of Subic Bay, went beyond being just the biggest Christmas food bazaar in the region as Tamiya 4WD enthusiasts have descended here.

It became a lively gathering for Tamiya 4WD enthusiasts, bringing together passionate hobbyists from Castillejos, Pampanga, Bulacan, and Subic. The event showcased the miniature masterpieces Tamiya 4WD vehicle competitions that celebrated the shared love for Tamiya 4WD.  

Elvis Flores, hailing from Castillejos, Zambales, secured the title of Prostock NonFM Champion. Koy Ocampo from Pampanga took the second spot, and Jb Avenido, also known as JBSB, claimed the third position from Bulacan. In the Speedtech category, Jb Avenido, aka JBSB, emerged as the ultimate victor, while Marvin Buenaventura secured second place, and Jonico Dela Rosa, aka Boytamiya, secured the third spot. 

With aspirations for the Tamiya 4WD community, Ms. Mary Ann Therese Johnson Operation Supervisor of Zip Media Entertainment Production expressed hope that this event would ignite its growth. She acknowledged the significant presence of participants from neighboring towns at Subic Bay Banchetto 2023 and is optimistic that the forthcoming Zip Tamiya Cup Series in Olongapo will draw lively engagement and enthusiastic participation from the local community. 

Jb Avenido, the Speedtech Champion, expressed hope for the event’s return, envisioning the growth of the Tamiya community in the Philippines. The event recognized not only individual accomplishments but also reinforced the thriving tapestry of the Tamiya community.  Subic Bay Banchetto 2023, with its unique Christmas spirit and Tamiya passion, continues to set the standard for community-driven events.

Subic Bay Banchetto isn’t just the top Christmas bazaar in the region; it’s also a place for community growth in many ways according to Ms. Jen Magalong, Subic Bay Banchetto Manager it is not just for a seasonal entertainment; it actively contributes to community development, as seen in its support for the Tamiya community.  

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