Teachers deserve a break

CLARK FREEPORT – Teachers from different schools in Angeles City “skipped classes” to participate in the World Teachers Day celebration where they held a whole-day fun-filled activity at the SM Clark event center on Oct. 5.

Work overload – tedious preparations of lessons, instructional materials and assessing kids’ proficiency level etc. – confronts a teacher on a day-to-day basis, said Vhi Liao of the Department of Education (DepEd).

“At least we’re given a day to celebrate and recognize our contribution to society,” said an elementary school teacher.

Considered as second parents, teachers have to look into the welfare and safety of each member of their class and make sure that they learn and participate in school activities, so that they can become good and productive citizens in the future.

“We are here not only to educate kids but also serve as second mothers,” another teacher quipped, adding, “We’re proud of one student’s success and we also feel bad for their failure.”
“A lowly paid profession and with the magnitude of work teachers have, the compensation is not quite justified, that is why many of us fell victims to loan sharks,” said Liao.

Aside from chalk allowance, which is separate from their salary, Liao said teacher sometimes have to spend out of their pockets for school-related activities.

“We have our MOOE (maintenance and other operating expenses) but solely for school utilities including payment for janitorial and security. Not everything can be provided to teachers on regular basis,” said Liao.

“Sometimes,” another teacher said, “we’re exposed to risky environment especially during election season. But were not complaining, serving the public is our passion.”

“Kaya nga sa dami ng work nakalimutan na ng ibang kasamahang titser ang magkaroon ng love life and some remain single even after retirement,” they chorused.

The World Teachers’ Day is a fitting recognition for our sacrifices despite the challenges, limited resources, and risks, said Liao.

This year’s celebration is aimed at achieving widespread support and assistance for teachers and gratitude for the positive influence to children.

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