The Sons Rise Too

If elections will be held today, the formidable Lazatin brothers – Rep. Jon Lazatin II (1st Dist.-Pampanga) and Angeles City Mayor Carmelo “Pogi” Lazatin Jr. – will win, in a role reversal in government service, Rep. Jon as mayor, and Mayor Pogi as congressman. But that would come more than a year from now in May 2025.

Political pretenders who wish to wrestle the two top posts in Angeles City LGU and First Congressional District, will have to think twice, thrice, or even eschew their electoral plans. With a well-oiled political machinery, the Lazatin twin victories in the electorate in 2025 is a breeze.

For one, the two Lazatin brothers had simply delivered. They delivered seamless public service at a poignant time in the history of Angeles City and the First Congressional District. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, both the Lazatin brothers burnt their midnight oil to be of service to the people.
No other public servants had faced such a debilitating pandemic that shut world borders and put world economies in a tailspin. Both Mayor Pogi and Conressman Jon had been there to give the usual public service.

Now comes the unequivocal support of the Pineda political clan which was made known during the recent mass oathtaking of elected barangays leaders at the Royce Hotel and Casino last November 6, 2023.

Coming from no less than “Nanay” – the affable Vice Governor Lilia Pineda, having asked the crowd: “Kailangan paba akong mangampanya sa Angeles City?”

Her words had apparently sealed the fate of the Lazatin brothers in the 2025 polls: “My congressman — Mayor Pogi Lazatin. My mayor – Jonjon Lazatin II.”

To political pundits, that sealed the fate of both Mayor Pogi and Congressman Jon in 2025.
Said VG Pineda: “Siguradung siguradu ku, ing maging tutuking congressman ning First District, Congressman Pogi Lazatin. Siempre aliwa mu I Gov, aliwa mu I Mayor Lacson, Aliwa mu I Mayor Cris, siempre ing ‘Nanay’ na.”

“Magaling yapu I Mayor Pogi. Magaling yang magaling pero atin pa mu rin metung a the best at kailangan maging mayor naning Angeles City. My mayor, Jonjon Lazatin II,” said VG Pineda.

Mayor Pogi is expected to run for Pampanga’s First Congressional District comprising Angeles City, and the town of Magalang and Mabalacat, while Rep. Jon is eyeing the Angeles City mayoral post.

The late Lazatin patriarch – Apung Feleng Lazatin, and the late Cong Carmelo “Tarzan” Lazatin, must be rejoicing from up above. The Lazatins brothers rise too, from relative obscurity in the past to now outstanding political leaders in Pampanga province.

So it is clear as potable water, Nanay’s choice is our choice – the Lazatin brothers. Well, mothers know best! “Pusong Lazatin — Ditak a salita, dacal a gawa”

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