Titan 77.7 Philippines: Sufferfest in the Heart of Clark – Asia’s Toughest Duathlon  Race Awaits

Amid the bustling life of Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, a formidable challenge  arises. On September 10, the roads of Clark and the Acacia Park of host venue Filinvest  Mimosa+ Leisure City will be the battleground for the ultimate test of duathlon stamina and spirit: the Titan 77.7 Philippines.

Clark Freeport Zone: A Venue Beyond Par

Nestled within the economic vibrancy of Pampanga and Tarlac, Clark Freeport Zone  offers more than just business opportunities. Its where natural beauty meets world-class  infrastructure, making it the perfect venue partner for an event of this scale. The athletes  will not only race through challenging terrain but will also bear witness to the rich  tapestry of Clark’s history and heritage.

Clark Freeport Zone is the Duathlon Capital of the Philippines

“With its extensive road network, expansive green spaces, and thriving sports  community, Clark Freeport Zone emerges as the ultimate sports destination and a haven  for athletes. It features world-class venues for a wide variety of sports, providing the ideal stage for athletes to demonstrate their unparalleled abilities,’’ said Atty. Agnes  Devanadera, President and CEO of Clark Development Corporation.

The Titan 77.7 Distance and the Unforgiving Terrain

Beyond the bustling roads of Clark, participants will be challenged across 77.7 miles of  run-bike-run. In metric terms, that is 4 kms. of run, followed by a 100km bike ride and a  finishing 21km run or a total of 125kms.

“Last year, I raced the inaugural event as part of my preparation for an Ironman event  that I signed up for. Duathlon is a different breed of physical pain. You could see in the  pictures that I was suffering in the run leg, and that was part and parcel of being  undertrained due to my busy schedule as a race organizer,” added race director Jumbo  Tayag. “Follow my advice, respect the distance.”

Race Director Jumbo Tayag knows the what the Titan sufferfest is all about: Tayag raced the  inaugural event last year.

Arguably, the sport of duathlon is tougher physically than its multisport cousin, triathlon.  Triathlon’s first leg is swimming, wherein more of the upper body is used. So, 77.7  miles of lower body beating and coupled with a race course that is only 19% of the  terrain is considered flat, then there is no doubt that this is Asia’s Toughest Duathlon

Race. For the 550 athletes who will toe the line on September 10, each kilometer is a  testament to grit and determination.

Titan 77.7 Philippines is proudly a Philippine-made Race Brand.

“When we were offered an international duathlon race brand years ago, we felt that  financially, it was not feasible with the conditions we were in with the local endurance  market. So as a group, we at GoClark decided to conceptualize a duathlon race brand,  something that we can call our own, a 100% Pinoy brand. We came up with a race format that is unique and palatable not only to the local market, but also to international  athletes looking to race overseas for a challenging race,’’ said Coach Abe Tayag,  GoClark Director for Athlete Services .

We are still at around 95% local Filipino participation, but we are glad that the local  participation reaches as far as Davao Del Sur to the south and Isabela and Benguet in the  North. We grew participation by 31% this year, and we are ecstatic about that. But we  also want to increase participation of visiting international athletes. That would truly  boost sports tourism.”

Convergence of Hardened, Highly-Trained Duathletes, Beginners and Fitness  Enthusiasts

Three hundred twenty of the 550 participants in this event will race the Titan 77.7  category. The marquee event category attracts highly trained athletes longing for long distance duathlon glory. One of them is top age group triathlete Reagan Nabua.

Before Nabua became an accomplished age-group triathlete, he started off as a duathlete,  travelling to Clark and joining standard distance duathlons.

Top Triathlete Reagan Nabua will make his Titan 77.7 debut on September 10.

“Standard distance duathlons (10km run-40km bike-5km run) are already punishing  enough, so this Titan 77.7 distance will be doubly hard and painful. It will be my first  time doing a long distance duathlon, so hopefully I will be ready. Matira ang matibay,”  added Nabua, who was Ironman 70.3 Davao’s first Pinoy age group finisher.

One of the sub-plot is that Titan 77.7 Philippines is the culminating event for the GoClark  Duathlete of the Year Race Points Series.

Coach Don Velasco is aiming to bag his 2nd consecutive Duathlete of the Year at Titan 77.7  Philippines

Renowned Coach and long-time age-group champion Don Velasco is aiming for a second  straight Duathlete of the Year honors, but he himself knows how big of a challenge it will  be. “It’s hard to imagine how difficult the revised bike course would be. From longer  false flats to more shorter steeper climbs, it will be harder to keep a steady pace on this  revised route. This is Titan 77.7, the tag-line as Asia’s toughest duathlon is true.”

“The top age group duathletes in the Philippines are here, and it is exciting to see all of  them battle it out for the glory of being their age group’s top athlete,’’ mentioned Race  Director Jumbo Tayag.

For celebrity athlete-vlogger Aira Lopez, Titan 77.7 Philippines will be an opportunity to  get her racing legs back after a short hibernation.

Vlogger Athlete Aira Lopez aims to make her mini-comeback at Titan 77.7 Philippines

“It’s been a while since I have raced due to my busy schedule so Titan will be an  opportunity to get back in the swing of things. I will be racing the sprint category, so  hopefully I will be fully trained come race day. Clark has always been my favorite race  venue so I will enjoy its atmosphere and challenging terrain,’’ said Lopez.

Witness the Phenomenon  

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie aiming for glory or a spectator ready to cheer and  celebrate, the 2023 Titan 77.7 Philippines is where duathlon legends will be made.

Mark your calendars and set your coordinates to Clark Freeport on September 10. The  Titan 77.7 Philippines is more than a race – it’s the country’s premier duathlon event of  the year!

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