Tumang awaits Francis Marcos’ help in Mexico

Social media instant celebrity ‘Francis Marcos’ who had created a throng of followers after having given away hundreds of sacks of rice all over Metro Manila amid the COVID-19 pandemic has caught the eyes of Mexico, Pampanga officials who are now waiting for his assistance

On Monday, Mexico Mayor Teddy Tumang took to the social media saying he “accepted the challenge” of Mr. Marcos to help the poor Filipinos.

“Mr. Francis Marcos, I am Mayor Teddy Tumang, municipal mayor of Mexico, Pampanga, I personally accept your challenge of helping our constituents during this COVID-19 pandemic,” said Tumang in a recorded video message.

“Just help my town Mexico, Pampanga. For every amount you give I will double it out of my own pocket. I will double whatever you will give just help us. You are welcome here. Mabuhay ka Mr. Francis Marcos we will wait for you here,” said Mayor Tumang and his councilors in unison in a message posted on social media.       

As of April 5, 2020, Mexico town recorded 450 persons under monitoring (PUMs); 349 of which had already completed the 14-day quarantine; three identified persons under investigation (PUIs) and one confirmed case of COVID-10 infection.       

Earlier, Marcos said he will send one truckload of rice to Manila Mayor Isko Moreno.

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