In the car scene, the word “tuner” is very popular. But what is a tuner? In the car scene’s perspective, your car is modified with performance parts – may it be a big thing like an engine swap or just installing a cold air intake.

Tuners usually spend all their money on performance parts and don’t really spend on the aesthetics section of their cars. Maybe, just a 16-inch workmeister mags and a nice paintjob.

For this section, I will list down my top 5 tuner cars.

Toyota Supra
The Supra has been an iconic car for car lovers all alike, and was used by Paul Walker in the Fast and Furious movies. With its bulletproof 1JZ engine, if boosted, can handle massive amounts of horsepower with stock internals. In addition, the tail lights and the rear wing are iconic. To car guys, you can always recognize the Supra from a far.

Nissan Skyline

Among the Nissan Skylines of old, the most iconic I can say for everyone is the R34 Skyline with its RB25DE Twin turbo, 6-cylinder engine which produces 327 horsepower stock.

Nissan S Series
The S13, S14 and my personal favorite, the S15, are mostly used in drifting because of its “S chassis” and also because of its power, Drifters to mention using the Silvias are Dr. Drift Audel Sison, who has a S13 named “Jawbone” which has a turbocharged 1JZ engine; and his daughter Ashley Sison, who uses the S14 also with a turbocharged 1JZ engine. It may not be as fast as the other cars on top of the list, but the SR20DET Double Overheaded camshaft, EFI, Turbocharged engine produces 250 horsepower stock with 7psi.

BMW E36 M3
The BMW E36 takes the cake for being the car in this list which has class. The badge M3 represents the motorsport division of the company. The E36 is luxurious as it comes with leather seats, seat warmers, climate control and just a 6-cylinder 3.2-liter engine which produces roughly about 321 horsepower from the factory.

Honda Civic SIR
Everyone – and I mean everyone – knows about the Honda Civic. But everyone fears a Honda Civic with a SIR badge. The SIR means “Sports Injected Racing”. Going into more details, if you see a Civic on the road with this badge, 9 times out of 10 it has a B-series engine: B16, B18 and B20. Everyone respects a B20 no matter what car you have, easily capable of being boosted because of its reliability.

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