Unang Hirit features Pampanga lanterns

Morning television show, Unang Hirit featured on November 7 the grand display of lights and lanterns of the City of San Fernando.

Hosted by Juancho Trivino and Joyce Pring, popularly known aso UH couple #JuanChoyce, the morning show toured the viewers around the beautifully-decorated Heroes Hall.

Lantern-maker Arnel Flores, invited as a guest of the show, made a short demonstration on how to create a simple parol.

Further, the Palut Cabio Tribe joined and graced the program as they showed off their street dance and local costume live on the national TV.

Meanwhile, the Binibining parols hit the ramp and captivated the boob tube with their beauty and the different sizes, colors, and designs of San Fernando lanterns.

In an interview, Juancho and Joyce shared their amazing experience in the Christmas Capital of the Philippines and expressed their gratitude to all Pampangueños.

“We are very happy to be back here again in Pampanga, specifically here in San Fernando. The people are very welcoming and energetic. They really look so happy to see us. Also, it feels very good to see the beautiful parols of San Fernando,” the couple ended.