VM Nepo flays Cauguiran for ‘misleading’ accusations

Former Clark International Airport OIC Alex Cauguiran was mistaken when he said non publication of the ordinance approving the P1.28 billion loan makes it illegal, said Vice Mayor Bryan Nepomuceno.

“Although publication of ordinances by highly urbanized cities is provided in the Local Government Code it does not affect the validity of the same. This has been established by the Supreme Court in the case of the Municipality of Tubigon, Bohol” said Nepomuceno.

“Moreover, the issue has now become moot given that the Ordinances in question have been published” Nepomuuceno added.

Nepomuceno furthered: “I am quite surprised that Mr. Cauguiran is now questioning the validity of ordinances based on their publication because during his time in the city council from 1998-2005 several ordinances were not published and yet he never questioned their valildity. It is unfortunate to note that I expected Mr. Cauguiran to be more circumspect with his statements, however given that it’s election season, controversy sells.”

“As vice mayor we have taken great strides to improve compliance with the publication requirement for ordinances, including those before my time, so as to be in line with the law. It’s just a temporary halt by the release of funds but we find ways to have them published nevertheless.”

Despite all of this, the vice mayor advised his team and supporters to push for a clean, honest, intelligent, and God-fearing campaign this upcoming 2019 elections.

Nepomuceno is the mayoral candidate of Partido Abe Kapampangan. He was endorsed by 2012 Top 8 World Class Mayor awardee, Edgardo D. Pamintuan.

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