Walter Mart Palengke Fresh Market TienDA launches in San Fernando

Walter Mart in partnership with Department of Agriculture Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD) Region III recently launched the Palengke Fresh Market TienDA in Walter Mart San Fernando.

Palengke Fresh Market TienDA aims to support local SMEs, farmers, fisherfolks, and indigenous groups to showcase and sell their locally made products such as fresh locally-grown fruits and vegetables, as well as locally made products like kakanin, leche flan, nuts, vinegar, and many more.

“As Walter Mart is a community mall, the vision is really to work with LGUs in supporting communities where Walter Mart mall is located,” says Walter Mart General Manager Jerico Buning. “Through our partnership with DA AMAD Region 3, we were able to connect with the local SMEs and farmers and allowed them to showcase their products in our mall in Walter Mart San Fernando through the Palengke Fresh Market.”

About 25 SMEs participated in the event including Rose-Bitoy Salted Eggs, John N’ Mico Food Products, Tomer’s Food Products, DNC Halamang Gamot, Oysterrific Mushroom, Bambute Mushroom, Munting Paraiso ni Yolly Farm, Navarro Foods International, Cabel’s Nutri Foods, San Jose Fish Products, Bianang’s Delicacies / Cathy’s Dinuguan, Arlie’s Aquamarine Products, Golden Beans and Grains Producers Cooperative, Tony Kylees Food Enterprises, and Ridad Fruits and Family Grown Farm.

It also featured delicacies Pampanga is well known for: Aling Juana’s Puto Seco, Edelyn’s Homemade Nuts, Joyce Araro and Other Pastries, Tiltilan Delicacies, and Nutridelight Delicacies.

Products from different groups were also available: Florida Lubao Farmers Assocation (FLOFA), Porac Indigenous Group, Binukawan-Bicol Marketing Cooperative, Pansinao Parents Agriculture Association.

The Palengke Fresh Market TiendDA is one of the many community oriented projects of Walter Mart.

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