Why only Jack Lam?

The internet brought so many opportunities for the enterprising business persons. One that really raking it in is On-Line Gambling. It was brought to the attention to many people because of the government raid against the Fontana Leisure Estate just recently.

Woe to the other operators of this digital gambling for the government under the strong willed President Duterte will surely take punitive actions till each is dismantled.

In the Clark Freeport alone there are other operators who are still in operation.

A casino run by a Korean national who is using dummies in his operation of a hotel casino is an interesting case for the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption ( VACC) to investigate. Maybe PAGCOR, Clark Development Corporation which is issuing permits, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and the Department of Labor can gather informations to build up a case, or several cases.

It is only to show to people that President Duterte is not selective whom to prosecute. Jack Lam, operator of Fontana Casino can stop scratching his head and asking himself ‘ why only me?’

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