Wild birds flock on Masantol’s coast

MASANTOL, Pampanga — Various types of wild birds from different parts of the globe are now making the coastlines of Masantol their new habitat.

The migratory birds, which are escaping from the cold weather of other countries, are now seen flocking along the harbors of Barangay Sapang Kawayan in this town.

Barangay Sapang Kawayan is located at the southern part of the coastal town of Masantol and its shores is considered the borderline of Pampanga River and Manila Bay.

Founding Member and former President of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines Mike Lu, who studied the migratory birds in town, said that the habitat that Masantol offers is a coastal wetland with mudflats which serves as sanctuary for different kinds of birds.

He added that such orientation attracts variety of “waterbirds” which are dependent on free-standing water to feed – by swimming, wading or diving – or to establish nesting sites.

“Migratory birds are escaping from the winter cold and lack of food in the northern hemisphere. They are looking for food and a safe place to stay for the season,” Lu explained.

He said that migrants generally start arriving in mid-September and may stay until late April while resident birds stay the whole year round.

The local government and Department of Environment and Natural Resources, meanwhile, are yet to identify the species of birds travelling in to this town but disclosed that they are more diverse than those seen in Candaba.

Mayor Danilo Guintu said that coastal wetlands is now considered a protected area — no reclamation, no destruction of mangroves, no burning of grasslands – to preserve the habitat of the fowls.

Protection of the wild birds will also be ensured as no hunting, no catching, no nest or egg gathering will be strictly enforced.

Guintu, meanwhile, said that bird watching activities is being organized by the local government, through the Municipal Tourism Office, with strict safety precautions. (Press release)

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