Be a winner the DU30 way?

‘Lest you be controversial you’ll never be understood’.

Do you think if President Rodrigo Duterte is the standard president who will just go through the motions of governance in the same way former President Fidel V.Ramos ran the country, other nations will take notice of what ails the Philippines? The drug menace in particular?

I shared in my Facebook account an article written by Jose Alejandrino and lifted some sentences for this post, like when he said we fought loyally with Americans during World War II and what did we get after the war. And what the enemies got as assistance from the USA.

Japan was rebuilt and received billions of dollars and our country received little help. We gave five big military bases for their use and we got a total of $11 billion, while Israel, which never a gave even one square meter for American use to this date, already received $130 billion in foreign aid.

Rodrigo R. Duterte is a provinciano thrust into the national limelight and caught the imagination of many. The image of a tough talking man who will feed to the fishes in Manila Bay drug pushers and jail corrupt government officials excited many. No wonder he polled more than 16 million votes.

Now this tough talking president telling the US president to ‘go to hell’ is getting banner stories in many well read newspapers all over the world. It excites other leaders and policy makers of other countries. Wherever he goes, everyone wants a selfie with him. Now he wants to trade deals on perceived enemies of America (China and Russia) and other democratic nation-members of the United Nations and the European Union.

We will not be surprised if trade and aids from many countries will increase tremendously in the very near future, because they can no longer ignore DU30.

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