Workers in Clark increase by 8k in 1st sem of 2017

CLARK FREEPORT – Workers in various industries in this Freeport have increased to 8,221 in the last six months, reaching 101,688 total in the first semester this year, officials of Clark Development Corporation said.

In the presentation before fellows and members Foundation for Economic Freedom who visited here, CDC President-CEO Noel F. Manankil said various locator-firms inside Clark employ the workers. There were about 93,467 workers at the end of December 2016.

He said that during the height of the operations of American troops inside the former Clark Air Base, there were only about 20,000 direct and indirect employees.

Manankil told the group that that the increase reflects a continuing sound business climate which prompted big companies to expand operations here.

Among those who were present were former cabinet secretaries and top business executives like Romulo Neri, Ernest Leung, Bertie Lim, Tony Leviste, among others.

In his presentation, Manankil said the bulk of the workers come from various industrial and manufacturing companies, Information Communication and Technology (ICT) firms, including developers, tourism and services.

Relatedly, a separate report submitted to Manankil showed that Industrial-related firms here have registered total number of workers with 46,491 or about 45.72 percent of the total numbers workers in Clark, followed by those employed in ICT industry with 20,687 or 20.34 percent, developer-related firms recorded 14,537 workers or 14.30 percent while tourism industry logged 7,132 or 7.01 percent and services recorded 5,292 or 5.20 percent.

Also joining Manankil in welcoming the FEF in Clark are Bases Conversion Development Authority President-CEO Vivencio Dizon and CDC Chairman Jose “Ping” de Jesus.

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