Zoobic reopens night safari

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT – The animal theme park Zoobic Safari has again opened one of its famous attractions, the Night Safari, at this premier Freeport on Saturday.

The Night Safari will give tourists a glimpse of how animals interact during night time. Zoomanity Group President and CEO Robert Yupangco led tourists and Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) officials to a tour around the facility.
Howls and growls were the first greetings tourists got during their tour. The growling intensified during the Tiger Safari where they rode a reinforced jeepney inside a tiger enclosure.

“It was quite exhilarating to see tigers with their eyes glowing in the dark. Our guide even fed them, putting them face to face with us,” SBMA Chairman Martin B. Diño, who took part of the tour, told newsmen. 

Aside from the Tiger Safari, they were also treated to a Greyhound Walk were they tried to maneuver themselves across a woodland path being led by greyhounds. Bred for races, these greyhounds are now guides at night here.

After a brisk walk, visitors were treated to a presentation by Aetas as they told how important the preservation of the environment is to humanity. They also told how they talked to the trees and the animals, showing that both humans and animals can coexist in nature.

Animals were also paraded to tourists while fire dancers and musicians rocked the crowd during a stage play at the amphitheater of the theme park. Workers of the theme park themselves performed live, teaching how to take care of the environment.

“It really is a wonderful experience, it does not only give you a thrilling ride, but will also teach you the importance of eco-preservation,” Diño told iOrbitNews.

The night safari is held only during Saturday nights and is open to everybody. Yupangco said that this is the time that many predators hunt and display their skills. He added that Night Safari has been an annual event, stressing that is a one-of-a-kind event in the country. -MHIKE R. CIGARAL

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