7 silent signs you need a digital detox

New year, new set of resolutions. It may be upscaling of career and travel goals, new house and car, a healthier you, or a digital detox.

Digital detox as defined in Oxford Dictionary is a period of time which a person refrains from using smartphones, computers and other electronic devices to gain focus on personal interaction and other activities.

According to the World Health Organization, stress and depression is seen to be one of the leading cause of ill health by 2020, and digital overload is a major contributor.

If then, when is the best time to unplug yourself from the digital world? Here are seven signs you need a well-deserved tech escape.

1. You panic when you can’t find your phone.
The thought of not seeing your cellular gives you a 180 over 140 blood pressure. You had become dependent on it that you can’t function or even start your day as if you can’t live without it.

2. Blurred vision, back and neck pain, headaches. The pain you have been complaining about might be a result of long hours of exposure to your smartphone or desktop. Overwork is way different from tech overdose.

3. Social media cause you negative feelings. The use of social media tempt us to portray the so-called perfect life or must I say ‘scripted life’. Precious moments are being re-enacted for a dozen takes just to have that IG worthy snaps. Fewer likes from friends gives you a total feeling of dislike and downgrade your confidence.

4. Interrupted sleeping patterns. Gadgets are your first and last thought every single day. Woke up at three in the morning, grabbed your phone, thinking you need to share such ‘3a.m. thoughts’ online. Now you can’t sleep, clock alarms at six, need to go to work at seven without enough sleep.

5. Lack of concentration. Been distracted lately? Poor study and work performance? Daydreaming? You check your social media feeds and email updates every five minutes? This is why.

6. Keeping your phone during meals. You see food and the first thing you do is take photos of it. Your sister accidentally poured some soup on your phone and you got a total nerve combustion, mom scolded, now you’re upset. Bon appetit!

7. You socialize online rather than in person. Mom, dad, brother and sister sitted firmly on a chair, sparked no discussion but is smiling while commenting and liking every single post of family members, relatives and friends.

Got a perfect score? Break free for some time. Find your balance. Know your focus. Live the life you want, for real. We shape the world the way we want it, not us being shaped by these innovations.

For a total travel getaway and relaxing digital detox down South, see Behold Bohol’s Untold Paradise. (hyperlink to my previous Bohol article)

Start right, welcome 2018 with a bang!

Happy New Year!

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