ABEKA, BRY-EDU blasted anew for giving cash envelopes

ANGELES CITY, PAMPANGA – Incumbent Angeles City Vice Mayor and mayoralty bet Atty. Bryan Matthew Nepomuceno and running mate, Councilor Eduardo “Edu” Pamintuan, Jr., along with their entire slate, Team LET IT BE, and ABEKA Party are being blasted anew for alleged rampant distribution of cash envelopes to residents of this city on May 6, 2019, one week ahead of the May 13 elections.

Photographs taken at the scene reveal several individuals exiting a compound decorated with Team LET IT BE election propaganda, carrying brown envelopes. An insider revealed that each brown envelope contains smaller cash envelopes, each containing P500, to be distributed to no less than 50 people.

The allegations come in the wake of the purported massive distribution of rice to residents of Barangay Lourdes Northwest, this city, last May 5, 2019, where villagers were photographed receiving bags of rice along with brochures of Nepomuceno, Pamintuan, Team LET IT BE, and ABEKA Party.

Five trucks carrying NFA rice were photographed distributing rice to a congregation of village residents gathered at the covered court in Barangay Lourdes Northwest.

Both the distribution of cash envelopes and bags of rice are considered as prohibited acts during election season.

Under Section 261, Prohibited Acts of the Omnibus Election Code, it is unlawful for any person to give money or anything of value to any person, association, corporation, entity, or community in order to induce anyone or the public in general to vote for any candidate. (PRESS RELEASE)