AC Health Office seeks closure of Didi’s Pizza

The Angeles City Health Office has sought the closure of Didi’s Pizza after authorities found ‘health code and sanitation violations.’

In a letter to Ms. Evangeline A. Malonzo, OIC, Business Permit Licensing Division of the Angeles City Hall dated June 19, 2018, City Health Officer Lenario T. Santos urged the former to “issue an order to this said establishment (Didi’s Pizza) to completely stop/halt its current operation.”

The 2018 Sanitary Permit of Didis Pizza was temporarily revoked “until such time that its health and sanitary violations are all complied.”

The Angeles City Sanitation-EHS Division conducted an inspection of the Didis Pizza premises which is located in Barangay Balibago since 1972 and found health code and sanitation violations.

The Sanitation-EHS Division acted on a complaint of a customer at Didi’s Pizza who reported alleged mice/cockroach infestation. Several netizens have also reportedly seeing rats and cockroaches darting in the dining area but were not able to air their complaints.

In the same letter, Santos said: “The following facts are all in direct infractions of Presidential Decree 856 (Sanitation Code of the Philippines) and the said food business merits a justifiable risk to the safety particularly the health of its present and future customers.”

Didi’s Pizza is one of the old restaurants along the business district of Balibago. Its ‘Combination Pizza,’ a rectangular cut pizza crust had been highly popular.

Some of Didi’s Pizza’s old-time customers have expressed dismay over the reported health code and sanitation violations.

13 thoughts on “AC Health Office seeks closure of Didi’s Pizza

  1. i think it will need only renovation not for closure im a fan and a regular customer of didis pizza its been a decade since then.

  2. All restaurant should comply to the sanitary code, the health of the clients should be the no. 1 priority for there could be a long term effect in health conditions of the clients. They ate running the business for so long they should know better. If they love what they are doing they should have prevented that from happening. If they are only after the money they earn and not concern with the health of clients karma will get back to you just like what happen now. So disappointed of them.

  3. They need to understand that hygiene is by law not by choice…
    They need to hire people who understands what hygiene means so they can make sure that it’s followed…
    Forsure the owners knew about the hygiene situation but choose to ignore it…
    This is their wake up call…
    Will be interesting to see how many customers come back if they do every get to reopen…

  4. It’s about time. I came home from the US and ate at this place. After Thirty minutes of waiting for our orders a mice appeared under my shoes. 😫. I told the waitress about it and she just ignoted me.

  5. In all fairness, we love the food at Didi’s. I just dont like the place that much because I encountered once some mice and cockroaches roaming around, and mosquitos biting us while dining.

  6. I’m sorry it has to happen the sooner the better…don’t get me wrong the management need to do something about infestation of cockroaches flying around the ceiling, very poor lighting,bathroom so gross by any health standard.I’m a very good patron of didi’s pizza since college yrs of the 70’s even when we go vacation from the states.the said establishment need a major renovation!who knows after that has been done didi’s will be there for the longest time to come… More power to the management of didi’s….please do the right’s for the better if not the best.

  7. The lights realy matters on this issue as you really can’t see how clean or dirty the floors are. Light should be brigthen up. This will also makes the customer see if their food is clean.

  8. 5 years ago just one time and hmmm then a month ago and Haven’t been there since then, and we would ordered combination pizza usually, its always same scenarios here and nothing has changed we hate it when waitresses bang their kitchen door, right? (Its annoyed) and observing around the whole area “its dusty, unpleasant ambiance” removed the Christmas lights GUYS its not helping! (Peace yo) plus the people who worked inside the kitchen its not hygienic and it shows right? We have to admit that the place is too old since then it build 1972 (Indeed) and we understood and that makes it vulnerable, hear this guys! didis pizza is a nostalgic place we all loved but should need a fully renovation and recovery I’m a foodie and food critic. We have every justification rights and it matter!

  9. Didi’s Pizza needs to step up big time in terms of cleanliness. also, going inside is like going into a bar club 👎🏽 because it is not well lit. being one of Angeles City’s food icons, Didi’s Pizza needs a total renovation!

    1. I agree, when i went home after 14 years abroad i ordered my favorate pizza and it was not good anymore 🙁 DIDis pizza needs to reinvent itself to update its ingredients and compete with its competitors and improve its total package and look of its resto a good businessman can save this i bet it will be successful business venture being Didis has the long standing history of h
      Good pizza !!

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