A more accessible HK via CEB’s Clark route

Hong Kong, one of the well known shopping destinations in Asia, is now more accessible with Cebu Pacific’s daily trips via the Clark International Airport.

Hong Kong is a truly magical place because of the Hong Kong Disneyland Park which is made up of fairytale dreams filled with Disney characters. Here, everyone can explore Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Main Street U.S.A., Adventureland, Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, Toy Story Land, U.S.A.

Hong Kong Disneyland
Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland theme park, located at Lantau Island, is managed and owned by Hong Kong International Theme Parks (HKITP). Families, specifically kids, can experience and enjoy a whole year of fun at the theme park, including A Sparkling Christmas and the all-new attraction Iron Man Experience opening on January 11, 2017.

With Christmas fast approaching and Hong Kong Disneyland now on its 10th year this December, Santa Goofy will greet guests in the Christmas Post Office on Main Street, U.S.A. to help them send their warmest holiday wishes to loved ones.

Hong Kong street view with neon signboards and people at night.
Hong Kong street view with neon signboards and people at night.

Disney friends will put on their festive finery to make everyone’s Christmas joyful as all are invited to share the excitement of “A Magical Twilight Snowfall” in the park.

Christmas celebration at Disneyland started from November 17, 2016 up to January 2, 2017.

Mickey and Friends will also put on their festive look and celebrate “Holiday Wish Moments” on Main Street, U.S.A. Guests can find out what Minnie’s been secretly wishing for, hear Donald and Pluto’s unforgettable “Christmas duet”, help Chip ’n’ Dale with the decorations, and guests might even lead the Disneyland Band with Mickey.

Also, spectacular fireworks will lighten up the whole magical kingdom in the evening. Shoppers can also avail as many as 100 options on collectible items at the shops there.

A delectable spread of more than 50 Christmas treats befitting the festive occasion will be served at the park and the resort’s hotels.

Ngong Ping cable car
Ngong Ping cable car

Another attraction at Lantau Island is the Ngong Ping 360 where one will experience the breathtaking 25-minute cable car ride from Tung Chung. The amazing Crystal Cabin is a must try – its glass bottom offers an astonishing bird’s eye view of the magical deep blue sea and lush green mountainside underneath your feet.
Ngong Ping 360
Ngong Ping 360

As you step out of the cable car, you will be greeted by the culturally themed 1.5-hectare Ngong Ping Village, where a wide array of shops and eateries offer a delightful shopping and dining experience. There is also the Walking with Buddha 5D multimedia presentation..

The renowned Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, Ngong Ping Piazza and Wisdom Path are only a five-minute walk from Ngong Ping Village.

Tian Tan Buddha at Po Lin-Monastery
Tian Tan Buddha at Po Lin-Monastery

Tourists can conclude their Lantau Island day-out with a breathtaking sunset view as they take the cable car back to Tung Chung.

The remote Po Lin Monastery, hidden away by lush mountains, became a popular attraction when the extraordinary Tian Tan Buddha statue (informally known as the Big Buddha) was erected in 1993. Sitting 34 metres high and facing north to look over the Chinese people, this majestic bronze Buddha draws pilgrims from all over Asia.

The eyes, lips, incline of the head and right hand, which is raised to deliver a blessing to all, combine to bring a humbling depth of character and dignity to the massive Buddha, which took 12 years to complete. Tourists can climb the 268 steps for a closer look at this remarkable statue, and to enjoy the sweeping mountain and sea views that can be seen from its base.

Opposite the statue, the Po Lin Monastery is one of Hong Kong’s most important Buddhist sanctums and has been dubbed ‘the Buddhist World in the South’. Home to many a devout monk, this monastery is rich with colourful manifestations of Buddhist iconography and its pleasant garden is alive with birdsong and flowery scents. You can also enjoy a meal at its popular vegetarian restaurant.

Venture out to the other parts of Lantau Island by taking a bus at Ngong Ping’s Public Transport Interchange located right next to Ngong Ping Village. Ngong Ping 360’s ‘360 Sky-Land-Sea Day Pass’ comes with all transportation for your exploration of Lantau’s aerial, land and water fun. Take the bus for an excursion to Tai O fishing village. From there, you can take a boat to see Hong Kong’s unique stilt houses and Hong Kong’s ‘pink’ dolphins.

Truly, Lantau Island adventure is best for romantic getaways to group get togethers which includes cable car, bus and boat — all the transportation you will need to explore the amazing Lantau Island. .

Tai O fishing village
Tai O fishing village

At Tai O you will see stilt houses given by Hong Kong government to old fisher folk. It is a community where houses were built on stilts above the tidal flats of Lantau Island for generations. These unusual structures are interconnected, forming a tightly knit community that literally lives on the water. Their enchanting world is a photographer’s paradise.

The manually operated drawbridge that spans the narrow creek dividing the town replaced a rope-drawn ‘ferry’ that operated for over 85 years.

From the western part of Hong Kong, one may discover Mount Austin where The Peak is located. The Peak, formerly known as Victoria’s Peak, is the highest point on Hong Kong Island, the city’s most exclusive neighborhood since colonial times — in here foreigners are mostly attracted in the post air-conditioning climate, the views of one of the world’s most spectacular cityscapes keep them coming.

That view is also what makes The Peak one of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong. By day one’s eyes stretch across sparkling skyscrapers and Victoria Harbor all the way to the green hills of the New Territories. In early evening this panorama melts into pink and orange before reincarnating as a dazzling galaxy of light, shimmering beneath you.

THE PEAK TRAM. Millions of people from every corner of the globe have taken the ride, which affords a uniquely spectacular perspective of the city.
THE PEAK TRAM. Millions of people from every corner of the globe have taken the ride, which affords a uniquely spectacular perspective of the city.

The anvil-shaped The Peak Tower has a large viewing platform called Sky Terrace 428, in addition to dining and retail outlets. Nearby, The Peak Galleria has a free-entry observation deck, as well as shopping and dining options.

Riding the Peak Tram is a visual experience in its own right — Hong Kong Island’s skyscrapers slide past your window at what appear to be impossible angles as you make the ascent to The Peak on the city’s historic, funicular railway.

Located at Lower Terminus, The Peak Tram Historical Gallery is a way of paying tribute to The Peak Tram, its heritage and the history of Hong Kong. Since 1888, The Peak Tram has served Hong Kong, quietly witnessing 120 years of the city’s changes. The gallery brings back many memories for local visitors and gives overseas visitors a glimpse of how the Pearl of the Orient has come to shine.

Before going to spectacular Victoria’s Peak, experience and meet all of your favorite celebrities at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, with over 100 incredibly lifelike wax figures and 11 interactive zones – re-enact classic TV drama scenes with Kim Soo-hyun and immerse in K-pop culture at the all-new K-wave Zone, practice kung fu with Jackie Chan at the all-new Kung Fu Zone, pose with US President Barack Obama at the White House, feel Andy Lau’s heartbeat, glam it up with Lady Gaga on stage, and step into Fantasy Kingdom – a world full of virtual characters and superheroes.

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, is part of the renowned chain of wax museums founded by Marie Tussaud of France, also located at the Peak Tower on Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co
Bubba Gump Shrimp Co

Take a look and taste Bubba Gump Shrimp Co Restaurant, the first and only casual restaurant chain based on a motion picture, extending to over more than 30 locations worldwide including Hong Kong’s Peak Tower.

This family friendly restaurant chain themed on Forrest Gump’s life, philosophy and love of shrimp, showcases memorabilia and photos from the movie, along with reproductions of script pages, storyboards and costumes.
Bubba Gump will be the perfect place for tourists and locals to have a lively and fun dinning experience.

Bubba Gump is also located at Sky Terraces 328, where you’ll find The Peak.

When you visit Hong Kong, don’t forget to drop by at The Avenue of Stars, which pays tribute to the names that helped make Hong Kong the ‘Hollywood of the East’.

See movie-related exhibits, now on display at Garden of Stars which include sculptures of Bruce Lee, Anita Mui, McDull and the Hong Kong Film Awards statuette; 20 star handprint plaques; Movie-themed exhibitions; and a mural depicting classic movie scenes.

You can see this at Waterfront Podium Garden, Tsim Sha Tsui East.

After taking selfies with different tourist spots in Hong Kong, don’t forget to give yourself a whole day to see the 100 stalls of bargain clothing, accessories and souvenirs at the Ladies’ Market on Tung Choi Street.

The one-kilometer stretch of Ladies Market could harness your haggling skills from the huge amount of clothing, accessories, gadgets, and on sale for women of all ages.

Ladies Market is at the Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon Hong Kong.

Hong Kong covers Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island, the Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories including 262 outlying islands. –Photos by Ric Gonzales

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