Akbayan: ‘Ang paglingon sa EDSA Revolution ay panawagan para sa hustisya’

“Ang paglingon sa pinanggalingang Edsa Revolution ay upang makarating tayo sa hustisyang pinaroroonan.”

This was the response of Akbayan party-list to Palace spokesperson Abella for justifying scaled down commemoration rites of the EDSA anniversary in order for the country to “move on”.

“EDSA was a milestone of democracy, no matter how fragile or immature our contested democracy may be, it is better than the tyrrany and plunder of Marcos, and it is certainly better than the culture of death and impunity we have today,” said Akbayan President Machris Cabreros.

“Nililingon natin ang EDSA hindi dahil tayo ay sentimental,kundi dahil ito ay paalala na hanggang ngayon hindi pa din nananagot sa hustisya ang pamilyang Marcos,” added Cabreros, “and instead of holding the Marcoses accountable, this government is enabling their return to power.”

“We commemorate EDSA 1986 for the promises of equality and democracy it heralded,” added Cabreros. “Just because this promise has not been fully realized does not mean we should give up on the fight against inequality and poverty.”

“Which is why Abella’s insensitive comments about moving on grates, because this ignores the lessons of EDSA against dictatorship and plunder, given the context of widespread corruption at the highest levels of government today, such as the Bureau of Immigration scandal, and the SolGen’s moves to free Pork Barrel Queen Janet Lim Napoles, aided by Duterte lawyers.”

“Now more than ever we must uphold Edsa 1986 because the plunderers and the tyrants following in the footsteps of the elites deposed by EDSA 1986 are now lurking in the shadows attempting to bring us back to the dark days of massive thievery and abuse,” explained Cabreros.

“It is our solemn duty to use the EDSA commemoration to educate, and ultimately resist.”

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