Alex new CIAC prexy

Congratulations to Mr. Alexander Cauguiran, who was appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte as the Officer-in-Charge President and Chief Executive Officer of the Clark International Airport Corporation (CIAC).

Cauguiran replaced Atty. Emigdio Tanjuatco III who resigned from his post last week. I also extend my gratitude to Atty. Tanjuatco for his unequivocal support to the development of Clark airport during his stay.

There was no doubt about it that Cauguiran will become the CIAC President – he has been lobbying for the development of Clark airport.

Cauguian is also responsible in forming the Advocacy For Dual Airport Priority (ADAPT) in a bid to pursue the development of the Clark International Airport. And being a former CIAC executive, Cauguiran knows what Clark airport needs.

Now that Caugurian is at the helm of CIAC, Clark airport is in good hands and we will see a genuine development that will benefit the whole of Central and Northern Luzon with the support of the Duterte administration.


The readiness of the Clark International Airport was put to the test during the CRK Full Scale Emergency Exercise held last August 17 at the runway-02 where a simulated drill that depicted a scenario of a crashed aircraft, immediately alerting fire, medical and rescue teams to rush to the disaster area.

It was a commendable activity participated by the Clark International Airport Corporation Emergency Services Department. The success of the activity would not be possible without the participation of the Clark Development Corporation Medical Teams, the Philippine Air Force, CIAC Airport Security, Angeles City and Mabalacat Fire, rescue and medical response teams.

The holding of the Full Scale Emergency Exercise at Clark is a requirement of the Canada-based International Civil Authority Organization (ICAO) which sets rules and regulations on all international airports of the world.

Clark Airport is currently rated Category 9 by the ICAO and CIAC is working out plans to make the airport Category 10 which is the highest rating in the world.

The current CIAC management is in the process of modernizing the Airport Emergency Services that includes fire trucks and ambulance. Earlier this year, two Rosenbauer state-of-the art fire trucks were purchased and are now being utilized at the airport.

Clark being an international airport must comply with the ICAO standards. The exercise showed the readiness of CIAC in coping with an emergency disaster.