Angeles fiesta to make millenials experience Pinatubo ashes

The Fiestang Kuliat committee in Angeles City will introduce a ritual that aims to symbolize how Mount Pinatubo ash fall covered the city and the local people during its eruption in 1991.

The ritual, “Pamangasnang lahar (Covering with lahar),” aims to show the younger generation Mount Pinatubo’s wrath by putting a dab of symbolic lahar (made from flour with food color) on the participants’ faces.

“We did not do this before because most of us still remember what happened in that fateful day in June 1991. Now, more than 25 years later, many do not know, they are either too young or were not born yet,” Joy Cruz from the City Tourism Office said during a press briefing on Tuesday.

“For us, who experienced Mount Pinatubo’s wrath, we know what lahar and ash fall is,” she added.

The symbolic ritual’s battle cry will be, “Eka magmalun, agyu tamu ini, lumwal ka keng dalan, tigtig ka, at tumerak.”

Despite the tragedy in 1991, then Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan created “Tigtigan, Terakan keng Dalan (TTKD),” a street party that aimed to uplift the spirits of the local people. TTKD has been a yearly tradition since then.

TTKD is one of the highlights of the Fiestang Kuliat 2017 and will be held on October 27 to 28 this year. The city’s biggest and grandest fiesta celebration brings together different cultural and social activities.

The fiesta will carry the theme, “Milabas: Dalan king Masaplalang Bukas (The Past: The Road to a Better Future).”

Other activities during the month-long fiesta celebration include The Feast of the Holy Guardian Angeles (October 2), Feast of our Lady of Holy Rosary (La Naval de Angeles, October ? and Feast of Apung Mamacalulu (October 27). The city will also celebrate “Pamangan Fiestang Kapampangan” on October 15 and the “Mutya ning Angeles 2017” on October 14 among others. #

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