AUF graduating studes attend career caravan

Angeles City- The Angeles University Foundation conducted a Career Caravan seminar in collaboration with Jobs180 for all graduating students last September 25, 2017 at the Sports complex center here.

The speaker of the seminar was Kim Chua, head of the human resources of Jobs180.

He started the conference by introducing what resume link is all about, from its importance and advantages.

He also highlighted professionalism in recounting what the resume link is for.

Afterwards, he showed the process on how to sign up for Job180 and create a profile.

Chua discussed the brighter side of having an account registered at the company mentioned. By using the resume link to job fairs when applying for work, the resume link can be accessible to whatever gadget as long as you download it or take a screenshot of your whole profile.

He then discussed their partnership with more than 4,000 companies nationwide and featured schools.

“No more hassle and problem for the printing payment,” Chua said, even giving an example to the students that when you are in a job fair and trying to apply for almost 200 companies, you need to print 200 resumes. Having a resume link has a great advantage by just showing the downloaded resume from Job180.

He mentioned the importance of having a compacted profile in one paper by clicking an option whether you prefer your information designed by straight or column.

He enlightened the students about applying for a job, wherein he mentioned the dress code, levels and kinds of interview and the most important thing he said were the tips during a job interview.

Chua’s even gave a challenge to the volunteers by questioning them about his discussion which resulted into an interactive communication with the students.

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