Balibago has highest revenue in AC: Mamac

Balibago Barangay Captain Rodelio Mamac said the central business district still has the highest revenue among the 33 barangays in Angeles City.

In an open opinion dated August 25, 2023, Mamac said Barangay Balibago “remains the highest revenue generating among all the thirty three barangays of Angeles City.”

Based on Comparative Annual Budget Revenues sourced from the Angeles City Council Approved Annual Budget, it indicated that Barangay Balibago has a total revenue of P57,100,000 for 2022, followed by Barangay Malabanias with P46,100,000, and Barangay Anunas with P32,767,541.

“To say that Barangay Anunas and Malabanias have already surpassed Barangay Balibago in terms of revenue is miscalculated and a big fat lie,” said Mamac.

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