‘Basura Patrollers Project’ seeks to eliminate wastes

The Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) recently launched the ‘Basura Patrollers Project’ in Pampanga in a bid to intensify its campaign on proper waste disposal.
“A Basura Patroller is assigned in every town and city in the province to monitor the violations of proper solid waste disposal,” EMB Regional Director Lormelyn Claudio said.

A ‘patroller’ would be on the lookout for littering, throwing, dumping of wastes, operation of open dumpsites, and collection of unsorted wastes.

“These patrollers are instructed to take pictures of improper waste handling. EMB would then issue a Notice of Cleanup within the week,” Claudio furthered.

The notice goes to the Office of the Mayor and shall be forwarded to the concerned Punong Barangay.

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