‘Bato’ to CL cops: Serve not for your pockets, but from your hearts

Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Ronald Dela Rosa urged the police in Central Luzon to continue their conduct of good service “from the heart, and not for the pockets.”

“The theme of our celebration declares the direction we are taking in the months ahead. ‘*Hamon ng Pagbabago, Pinag-ibayong Serbisyo’— this is the challenge PNP is currently facing. Through the new administration, the
organization was revived in serving our country,” Dela Rosa said during today’s celebration of the 115th Police Service Anniversary in Camp Olivas.

“I’m happy to report to you that according to our Director for Investigation and Detective Management, the average crime volume has gone down to 49 percent — almost 50 percent — since we assumed [post] starting July 1,” he added.

However, Dela Rosa emphasized that the same war is being waged within the PNP.

“We cannot be completely effective in our campaign against illegal drugs in the community if we first win the same campaign within our ranks. The organization has been shamed too many times already because our fellows who
swore to serve and protect [our countrymen], have been doing otherwise,” he said.

He revealed that in Region 3 alone, 77 have been transferred to Mindanao to stop their operations on illegal drugs.

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