Beepo leads Outsourcing Industry with Female-Led Board of Directors

Beepo are leading the way for women in the workforce, appointing 60% of the company’s board seats to women. According to Deloitte Global’s recent study, this reaches well above the Philippines average of 7.4% and the global average of 12%.

Beepo announced the appointment of Mitch Punzalan and Marilou Garcia as independent Directors of the firm, alongside Aimee Engelmann, CEO of Beepo Australia. Co-Directors Matthew Garrett, CEO of Beepo Philippines, and Jessie Rey Narciso, were also appointed at the same time.

The Philippines’ recently fell from 21st to 25th in the World Economic Forum’s analysis of women’s economic participation and opportunity across 144 countries. Beepo is intent on reversing this outcome, proudly opening up career opportunities for women, in leadership and board positions, whilst still focusing firmly on creating the optimum work-life balance. In fact females represent 62% of Beepo’s overall workforce.

“All our board members are accomplished leaders in their fields. I’m proud of Mitch and Marilou for showing everyone just how capable the women of Beepo are in leading hundreds of employees and displaying exemplary competency and skill,” said Ms. Engelmann.

“We can expect great things from the Board of Directors here at Beepo Philippines. It’s important to us to show that our values are based on performance and that everyone has an equal opportunity. They provide a great example to the all other employees with a desire to aim for high level strategic positions,” added Mr. Garrett.

Beepo’s commitment to advancing opportunities for women has also seen them jump into the top 10% of Filipino companies with gender diverse workforces.
With the company’s recent employee satisfaction rating of 95.17%, the newly appointed Board of Directors pledged their commitment to putting the well-being and needs of the employees among their top priorities for the coming year.

About Beepo
Beepo is an outsourcing and offshoring company that provides exceptional workforce support across a range of business services including management, human resources, sales, marketing, finance and administration roles to help companies successfully grow their business.

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