BI warns of new online modus

MANILA, Philippines—Bureau of Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente warned the public of an emerging online modus using the name of government officials.

Morente shared that he has received reports of unscrupulous individuals using his name, as well as other government officials, in soliciting money from unsuspecting victims.

The reports showed that the scammer, in an email, would pretend to be the BI Chief and would seek assistance in sending money abroad for a distressed friend.

The scammer would pretend to have difficulty in sending money, and would seek the assistance of his victim in wiring money in his behalf.

“This is a scam, attempting to use the name of government employees in their illegal activities,” said Morente. “The public are warned against this new modus,” he added.

He further warned that any such attempts will be coordinated with cybercrime authorities for investigation.