Bigtime contractor, chocolate maker highlights ​4th Cong Dadong Awards​

LUBAO​, Pampanga​ — ​Bigtime contractor and a chocolate maker highlighted the awarding rites of the 4th “Cong Dadong” Awards for Outstanding Lubenians ​held here yesterday.

This year’s Cong Dadong Awards highlighted known businessman  Ferdinand Lopez Beltran from San Antonio this town. Beltran, a father of three, is the owner of Ferdstar Builders Construction​, a graduate of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Because of his perseverance and hardwork he was able to construct ​Kings Royale Hotel and Resort, Starbox Trading, Lubao Market Market, Skewers Grill, Promenade Events Place, Ceasar Fareways of Beverly Golf also a locator of SBMA Powerking Star International Trading Co. ​

Beltran was one of the top 500 individual tax payers in 2009, 2010, 2014 of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)​, which contributed a lot in the economy of Pampanga. Aside from his business Beltran also gave scholarship to deserving indigent students, conducted regular medical mission, feeding program and outreach program to aetas in the province.

In his speech, Beltran narrated how his family faced the ups and downs in the construction business but he never give up but continue his quest in the construction business.

“Masaya ku keti galal a binye da kaku uling bayu ku man magretire next year binye de ing pwedi kung ipagmaragul kamate ku yapin ining Cong Dadong Award na magpatune keng kontribusyun ku keng balen Lubao at keng probinsiya Kapampangan. Magsilbi tamu sana ehemplu kareng kapara tamung tau na nung kapilan ya darakal bunga ing metung a pale karin ya magbaba keng gabun,” Beltran stressed.

Meantime, another awardee in the field of Business is Raul Matias, a physical therapist in Florida, USA and later established his own Rehab Access Inc, a physical therapist provider ​in​ ​West Central Florida. ​

In​ 1997​, Matias​ sold his company​ and went home in the country because of the will of his mother. In 2002 ​Matias ​discovered hi​s ​passion in chocolat​e​ ma​k​ing was also kn​o​wn as master chocolatier ​and​ chocolate business entrepreneur. 

Last​ October 2005​,​ he opened his own​ ​company Machiavelli Chocolatier in Worcester, New York. ​Matias chocolate named as Manila Chocolatier. 

Matias said his chocolate variants focused the Filipino recipes like pili, ube, and langka which the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) approved.

​”Wherever I go, i always bring with me my Filipino culture and being a Kapampangan who am i proud of,” Matias furthered.

​Other awardees were ​Police Senior Insp. Ohmor Bognot for Police Service; Mark Joseph Ocampo (Sports); Fr. Adrian Paule (Religion); Robert Reyes (Agriculture); Dennis De Dios (Culture and Arts); and Agnes Trillana (Civic Leader).

Posthumous awardee were given to Fr. Rodolfo “Rudy” De Guzman for religion and  Virgilio Vitug for media.

​In her speech, Lubao Mayor Mylyn Pineda-Cayabyab salute the awardees of Cong Dadong Awards for giving Lubao pride and honor in the different field. Cayabyab also give honor to the first president of the Republic Apung Dadong Macapagal  who gave inspiration to fellow Kapampangans particularly to Lubenians.

“I congratulate the awardees of Cong Dadong Awards for their contribution in different fields. Thank you for being the pride and honor  of Lubao,”  the mayor furthered.

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