BIR plans to collect excise tax from Pampanga quarry operators

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Revenue Region 4 (RR4) is planning on collecting excise taxes from quarry operators in the province.

This, according to Provincial Government Environment and Natural Resources Office (PGENRO) head Art Punsalan, would mean extra funding for national and local governments.

However, he said this will affect the industry and its prevailing prices, and the burden of additional taxes will be passed on to end-users.

BIR Regional Director Jethro Sabarriaga said the bureau has communicated with the Pampanga provincial government for various data on the quarry operations in the province.

According to Sabarriaga, the excise tax is additional revenue for the government. It will be divided into two – 60 percent for the national government and 40 percent for local government units (LGUs).

Of the total 40 percent share, it will then be subdivided into 45 percent share for the host city or municipality, 35 percent share for the barangays, and 20 percent share for the rest of the province.

Punsalan however reminded that the BIR’s plan should be consulted with industry stakeholders and end-users.

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