CIAC employees’ kids get vax jabs

Clark International Airport Corp. (CIAC) President and CEO Aaron Aquino said the children of the agency’s employees aged 12-17 years old were vaccinated against COVID-19 Monday.

A total of 13 children were inoculated with the Pfizer vaccines administered by the staff of the Clark Development Corporation’s Health and Sanitation Division.

“We ensured the welfare and protection of our employees against COVID-19 by also including their children to be given the same protection against the disease,” Aquino said.

He added that in accordance with standard procedure, children with comorbidities or immuno-compromised secured clearances first from their doctors before being vaccinated.As of November 21, Aquino said 97 percent of CIAC personnel have already received their second dose of anti-COVID vaccines.

The Department of Health started pediatric vaccination on November 3 following the planned gradual reopening of schools for limited face-to-face classes. (CIAC-CCO)