CIAC to further develop prime land in aviation complex

Clark International Airport Corporation President and CEO Aaron Aquino said the remaining prime government land at the Clark civil aviation complex will be “developed for commercial use in the next two to three years.”

“To further spur economic growth, we’ll try to quicken the pace and begin the process of expanding airport infrastructure and capacity. Landside business development projects will readily create revenue sources for the national government,” said Aquino.

Aquino said “development plans and timelines will have to be revisited considering the ‘new normal’ scenario so the government may cautiously proceed to start building a globally-competitive aviation complex.”

Aquino said “CIAC is now refocused to forge several strategic partnerships to further develop the remaining prime government land at the aviation complex for commercial use.”

Simultaneous to these infrastructure expansion projects, Aquino said CIAC is poised to enter into bigger strategic commitments for on- and off-airport commercial development which includes hotels, business offices and convention centers, parking bays, shopping malls, cultural and entertainment attractions, factories, research and development facilities, and air cargo, logistics and service industries. 

“CIAC is geared towards establishing a world-class commercial hub surrounding the Clark International Airport, (since) bustling international airports around the globe serve as catalysts and magnets for landside business development,” Aquino said.

Major projects in the pipeline also include the construction of horizontal infrastructure projects such as a new Air Traffic Control Tower, the upgrading of the Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) System, a new radar system, and the construction of the second runway in conformity with the CRK Master Plan. 

Aquino, a former police general and chief of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, was appointed last May 29 by President Rodrigo Duterte to head the government corporation in charged with developing the 2,367-hectare civil aviation complex in Clark. 

The Clark Civil Aviation Complex or CCAC is home to the privately-run Clark International Airport (CRK) as well as the mixed-use business district Clark Global City, and currently around 46 locators in cargo and aviation-related businesses.

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