Clark exec, locator agree ‘happy workers more productive’

“Happy workers are more productive workers,”

Thus said Noel F. Manankil, Clark Development Corporation (CDC) Officer-In-Charge after learning about some impactful employee welfare and benefit package given by TRS Philippines Corporation (TRS) to their workers.

Manankil and TRS General Manager Girlie Jane Santos together with some CDC and TRS officials had a short discussion after the signing of the 25-year Lease Agreement recently. The company will invest an additional P211 million on its expansion project inside the Freeport.

TRS manufactures surgical non-sterile and surgical guide wires used for advanced surgical procedures. The company acquired an additional 4,355 square meter property in Clark for their expansion.

“The typical benefits we provide are the rice subsidy of course and on top of that, we also provide our people with three types of fruits depending on the season and it also comes with one piece of a probiotics drink (Yakult),” said Santos.

“These (benefits) are just the basics,” Santos said.

Additionally, TRS provides some small perks like health supplements and monthly “treat” for employees during “bonding” time with them.

“For street food day, typically there are fish balls, squid balls and then we eat together with our people and we do it every second week of the month. We patronize also yung ating kasama nating locator dito sa loob, yung local ice cream,” Santos said.

“We already announced it to the people that in 2017, definitely every month, all of our employees, regardless of status, (whether) regular or non regular, 30 pieces, good for one month consumption of vitamin C,” she added.

Santos who is also a Japanese interpreter for TRS said that there has been a tremendous increase in their production.

“Because of that (employer-employee engagement) business is getting better and better, especially now that we have signed a contract with CDC for our expansion project,” Santos said.

“Well, for our company, it’s doing a great job, actually for the past two years. When I took over the company, it was only shipping 4,000 pieces (guide wires) per week, now we are shipping 22,000 to 26,000 pieces per week,” Santos said.

“Our yield target or the over all yield of the company is at 98-99%, so halos wala kaming lost, so probably because of quality system and because of the engagement of the people from top to bottom, talagang working closely to ensure na talagang walang lost,” Santos said.

For his part, Manankil said that these unique benefits given by TRS to its employees encourage higher retention rates and a more thriving workplace. The OIC also expressed interest to benchmark with TRS in terms of employee benefits.

With people feeling valued knowing that their employers care about their well being, Santos believes that workers become partners for the company’s progress.

“So we make sure na ano ba yung gustong ma-achieve ng company. The message is that you are not just an employee and we are not only an employer but we are partners, we have to work as a partner to to achieve this,” Santos said.

“So nakikita nila, nararamdaman nila, na hindi ito yung sugar coated lang na sinasabi namin sa inyo. We started with honesty and authenticity in our relationship and we prefer to continue it that way,” she added.