COVID-19 patients in Bataan in good condition — Gov. Garcia

BALANGA CITY (PIA) — Governor Albert Raymond Garcia disclosed that the three patients in Bataan confirmed with the coronavirus diseases (COVID-19) are all in good condition.

In a statement, Garcia revealed that the first recorded patient in the province, identified by Department of Health (DOH) as PH64 M32, is expected to fully recover.

“PH64 M32 has already recovered but he still needs to undergo post-admission quarantine, which means self-isolation or he still needed to be isolated from the community within 14 days,” Garcia stressed.

DOH confirmed the patient last March 13 after coming home in Bataan from Manila and exhibiting the symptoms.

Garcia also revealed that the second patient confirmed last March 22, is also undergoing continuous treatment.

“PH3030 M24 is in good condition and is still undergoing 14 days quarantine in the hospital,” he said.

The Provincial Health Office reported that second patient is a dorm mate of PH64 M32 in Manila who went home in the province after developing the symptoms.

Meanwhile, the third patient, who was confirmed Tuesday, was confined last March 15 after experiencing cold, cough and diarrhea. He is a resident of the province but works in Taguig.

“The patient is now in a hospital here in the province and according to the doctors, he is in good condition,” Garcia assured.

The governor is advising his constituents to continue following the social distancing measures and to stay at their respective homes. 

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