CRK passenger volume up


The Clark International Airport (CRK), deemed to be the next premier airport of the Philippines, recently racked up an 8 percent increase in passenger volume from January to April this year. Well, that is good enough to start the year for the ‘Airport of the North’ and is a portent of something better.

The increase in passenger volume was a result of the efforts made by the officers and employees of the state-owned firm Clark International Airport Corporation (CIAC) under the leadership of President and CEO Atty. Emigdio Tanjuatco III.

Tanjuatco said that “8 percent in passenger traffic may be attributed to the fact that more and more people are beginning to realize the convenience and comfort of using Clark Airport, especially those coming from Central and Northern Luzon regions that we consider as Clark’s passenger catch basin.”

The convenience at Clark International Airport is one of the many advantages that CIAC offers to their valued passengers, plus the fact that there is less traffic leading to the airport. The seamless travel to and from the CRK is just enticing to travelers.

Tanjuatco is also optimistic that Clark airport would be able to lure more air carriers to launch new routes at the airport so as to entice more people to take their flights at the CRK.

Tanjuatco is doing his best to market the Clark airport, but he needs the support of the stakeholders, especially the national government so as to attain the dream of making the CRK the next international airport of the Philippines.

Emirates Airlines’ recent return to Clark was also a big welcome since it also contributed to the steady rise of passenger traffic and probably would attract more passengers particularly overseas eorkers from Central and North Luzon. The Emirates’ flights also provide seamless connectivity to 150 destinations around the world.

Qatar Airways also provides connectivity to the Middle East and Europe where Filipino travelers can visit various tourism destinations in those areas. Clark airport also plays host to other carriers such as Asiana Airlines which is flying daily to Incheon in South Korea together with Jin Air, Cebu Pacific flights to Hong Kong, Singapore and Macau, while Dragonair provides flights to Hong Kong that will also connect you to other destinations around the world.

The CRK is now connected to the world. More local flights that will act as feeder flights and additional international flights will make it a viable airport located strategically in the heart of Central Luzon and the growth corridors of the Asia Pacific.