DOH attains 91% of blood collection target in Central Luzon

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO — ​The ​Department of Health (DOH) has accomplished 91 percent of its target blood collection in Central Luzon this 2017.

DOH Regional Medical Program Coordinator Evelyn David said the target for voluntary blood donation this year is to gather two percent of the total population of the region for blood donors, and one percent of the total population for blood collection.

“Since July is also celebrated as the National Blood Donors Month, we are encouraging the residents of Central Luzon to volunteer as blood donors,” she shared.

“There are plenty of benefits when a person regularly donates blood. It is best for a person to donate blood every three months. This will help lessen the cause of stroke and bad cardiac conditions,” David furthered.

Donating blood will likewise replenish blood in the body, bringing better oxygen to the heart, brain, kidney, and other organs of the body.

There are criteria for volunteer blood donors, since medical practitioners will be screening donors during recruitment programs.

“The donors must be of legal age, preferably aged 16-60 years old. Minors should first provide the consent of their parents, who have read and understood the questionnaire and the process the donor will undergo. Also, a donor must weigh at least 50 kilograms. The heartbeat required should be 60 to 100, and the blood pressure should not go beyond 160 and should not be below 100,” David explained.

For those who will not qualify as blood donors, they may help promote and advocate voluntary blood donation.

Consequently, she clarified that all blood donation undergoes five series of tests before they can be added to the region’s blood supply.

The blood collected is ran through testing for Malaria, HIV/AIDS, syphilis, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

“Blood donors are heroes because they can save lives. Voluntary blood donation is an act of kindness. What we can do is to give blood—give now, and give often,” she emphasized.

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