ECPay deploys over 70 self-service kiosks, elevates transaction experience in Pampanga

ECPay, a leading multi-payment platform, continues to expand its presence across the Philippines, deploying a total 73 self-service kiosks in Pampanga so far.

The deployment signifies ECPay’s rapid response to evolving consumer behaviors, which have shifted towards digital platforms and self-service options in recent years.

Pampanga is one of ECPay’s top markets in Luzon. Last December, ECPay’s Kiosks in Pampanga generated an impressive gross transaction volume of PHP61 million from cash-ins, bill payments, and loading services, with E-wallet cash-ins accounting for the largest portion at 90%. At least 34 more kiosks are in the works.

The introduction of ECPay Kiosks across the nation began in the fourth quarter of 2022 to meet the public’s demand for contactless, efficient, and versatile payment solutions. ECPay has deployed a total of 1,315 kiosks to date.

This expansive network is part of the company’s broader strategy to foster digital inclusivity and provide consumers with a myriad of payment services that cater to their everyday requirements.

“Our deployment of self-service kiosks exemplifies our unwavering dedication to meeting our customers’ evolving needs. This is a testament to our overarching mission of leveraging technology to enhance daily life, and overcome barriers to inclusion,” said Patricia dela Fuente-Pascual, ECPay General Manager.

ECPay’s platform, known for its seamless accessibility via a user-friendly mobile app and website, alongside its growing network of physical payment centers, underscores the company’s adaptability and focus on customer-centric solutions.

For convenience, accessibility, and connectivity, visit the nearest ECPay Kiosk today. For more details about ECPay and its range of services, please visit .  

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