Frontliners at SM City Bataan, Sets an Example of Honesty and Good Deeds

In a world often beset by stories of dishonesty and selfishness, it is refreshing to come across instances that restore our faith in humanity. Such are the stories of Christine Joyce Erese of Clean Master and SG Orteguerra of SASIA Security, exceptional individuals who recently exhibited remarkable honesty and integrity while working at SM City Bataan.

Ms. Erese, discovered not just one but two lost phones in different instances within the mall vicinity. SG Orteguerra found a key of Honda Motorcycle and 4 random keys in the motorcycle parking. Instead of taking the opportunity or turning a blind eye, they promptly handed over the phones and keys to the Customer Relations Services (Security) office of SM City Bataan.

Through the meticulous efforts of the CRS office, the rightful owners of the lost items were swiftly identified. They were not only relieved to have their valuables back but also immensely grateful for the selfless gesture made by the frontliners.