Garbo gets flak for closing information platform amid pandemic

Three weeks into the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), the Mabalacat City government closed its social media platform where residents get information about the ongoing drive to prevent the onslaught of the new coronavirus or COVID-19.

Seething Mabalacat residents lashed out at Mayor Crisostomo Garbo and the city’s elected leaders for having shut down Mabalacat City Newson Thursday leaving behind the people guessing on the current state of the pandemic in the city.

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At least one have already died of COVID-19 at the St. Raphael Medical Center in Barangay Camachiles recently. The patient is originally from Bamban, Tarlac and had since been cremated in Tarlac City.

In its signing off message, Mabalacat City Newssaid: “We regretfully inform you that the Mabalacat City News shall be closed temporarily effective today. This Facebook page was originally created to serve as a platform for public information and exchange of community views, as well as to be a platform for enriching and fostering unity and camaraderie amongst Mabalaquenos, however in the past few days, it had been a venue of hate and anger. These emotions are unhealthy and unhelpful especially at this hour of crisis.”

Mabalacat residents however aired their criticisms against the city government led by Mayor Garbo. Here are the excerpts from the page of the social media platform.

“Social media is a platform being used by the national government itself in giving information especially in this crucial times. Ngaun nyo pa naisipan na mag sign off kung kelan kailangan na kailangan kau ng mga tao ng Mabalacat for current news? Hate and anger? Yes, it’s not tolerable anymore, pero diba mas ngaun nyo dapat patunayan ang objective nyo to give us clean and helpful governance.. I’m not a basher here. I just want to speak up lalu na sa inyo ako kumukuha ng reliable information para ireport sa mga employees ng company namin. Hope you reconsider your decision.” — Ann Fuertez.

“Really, will be temporarily closed. Is it bad to hear your people’s sentiments and opinions? During this crisis, you need to listen to your people so you can address them.Literal na nang iiwan sa ere. It’s just a matter of having a very good social media manager to handle this page.” — Jen Galang

“Another word for “we cant handle the heat coz what you guys are saying is true” This statement just gave us the biggest confirmed CHECK LOGO that what we feel is correct. You wont hear from us or we’ll even give you praise if the service is great, but nah, no help then cant even take critisism for his people. WHERE IS THE “E KO MIGAGANAKA, E DA KAYU PABUREN” statement now? Tsk tsk tsk.” – LJ Icatar

“Next time, Vote wisely people of Mabalacat City.” –Kimberly Lopez

“I regret voting the person because I didnt want his opponent to win. This is what I got. A fake public servant. I’ve learned my lesson.” – Thess Santiago

“What a CLOWN.” – Jacquelyn Torres       

(To our dear readers in Mabalacat City, the regional iOrbitNews, the first online news portal in Central Luzon, will continue to bring information about the government’s drive against COVID-19 in Mabalacat City. Please also check out Balacat News, and other local news entities. – Editor)

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