Global BioLife, Chemia Corporation to contain mosquito-borne diseases with fragrances

SINGAPORE – Singapore eDevelopment Ltd (SeD; SGX:SGE) has announced that its indirect subsidiary, Global BioLife Inc., is collaborating with U.S.-based Chemia Corporation to develop specialised fragrances which can counter mosquito-borne diseases, diminish stress and anxiety, and act in anti-viral medical applications.

3F (Functional Fragrance Formulation) is a suite of functional fragrances being developed. The first product, 3F Mosquito, is made of specialised oils sourced from botanicals which mosquitoes avoid. 3F Mosquito was designed with an objective to identify, then create a suitable formula that was pleasant, yet excels in providing layers of protection against mosquitoes.

Daryl Thompson, Global BioLife Director of Scientific Initiatives, leads the 3F research. “The specialised oils in 3F Mosquito are scientifically proven to affect a mosquito’s receptors, essentially making the mosquito blind to your presence,” says Thompson.

In addition to 3F Mosquito, Global BioLife and Chemia are developing fragrances as additives for use in laundry detergents, shampoos and lotions, providing additional layers of protection against mosquitoes, and developing advanced coatings for industrial and medical applications.

“Biomedical science has become increasingly vital. Global BioLife is taking steps toward providing solutions to issues that have plagued the biomedical field for decades. This working collaboration marks a first steps in actively changing the game of healthcare,” said Chan Heng Fai, SeD Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and a Global BioLife Director.

Global BioLife is an 80%-held subsidiary of SeD wholly-owned Global BioMedical Inc. The remaining shareholding in Global BioLife is held by Thompson’s GRDG Sciences LLC and Australia Securities Exchange-listed Holista CollTech Limited, in equal proportions of 10% each.

About Chemia Corporation
Chemia Corporation provides high quality, cost effective fragrances to the manufacturers of personal care, household and industrial & institutional products. Thomas A. Meyer is the Vice-President of Innovation and Sustainability. For further information, please

About GRDG Sciences LLC
GRDG Sciences LLC is a natural products discovery drug research company incorporated in Florida, USA. The Company was set up by natural products scientist Daryl Thompson. Thompson is a biochemist, nominated for the Nobel Prize in 2015 and 2016 for his research in pandemic technology.

About Holista CollTech Ltd
Holista CollTech is incorporated in Australia and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. A research-driven biotechnology company, Holista focuses on research and development of product in the natural products space. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr Rajen Manicka holds a PhD in Holistic Medicine and a Masters of Business Administration. For further information, please

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