Gong Cha brings taste of Taiwan to SM Baliwag

The love for tea is truly beyond place as Taiwan’s premium milk tea, now being enjoyed all throughout the Philippines finally lands in SM City Baliwag.

Established in 1997, Gong Cha goes global and has been serving authentic tea goodness in thousands of stores worldwide. The name Gong Cha means to take customers as “Emperor” and thus treat them with nothing but excellent service.

True to its mission to spread the tea culture that everyone can enjoy, Gong Cha offers the best quality tea leaves in creating beverages, made by qualified tea masters with professional training.

Furthermore, Gong Cha introduces the “art of tea” through their wide range of beverages that are based on Original Tea/Milk Tea or Smoothie, among others. Imaginations are endless as customers can get creative and may choose different toppings to customize their drinks, and determine the amount of sugar and ice content according to their preference.

Gong Cha at SM City Baliwag exudes a comfy-oriental vibe that brings excitement to the wonderful menu the store has to offer.

Indulge at their must try top three best sellers- Milk Tea with Pearl Jelly, Wintermelon Milk and House Special Milk Wintermelon. If its your first time to dig in the store, these top three favorites are some winning choices to try.

For taste buddies who has the flare to explore flavors, you may also try Gong Cha’s other signature selections- Choco Loco, Coffee Special, Ice Cream Special, Ice Smoothie, Fruit Tea, Fruit Series and Brewed Tea.

Also, try their knockout Brown Sugar Series such as House Special Milk Brown Sugar Black Tea with Pearl Jelly, Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Pearl Jelly and the newest Brown Sugar Coffee Milk Tea and Brown Sugar Smoothie.

Have an authentic Asian Tea experience and visit Gong Cha at the ground level of SM City Baliwag. For more updates, you may also visit SM City Baliwag’s official facebook page and Instagram.

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