How to achieve a positive mindset

Looking at the bright side of things amidst any chaos, like our current crisis due to corona virus , is one of the many admirable traits, Filipinos are well known for. I guess this is our way of coping to survive, to shoo away fear, to prevent despair envelop us.

Seeing the bright side of matters, is a form of strength in faith, believing that things are not as bad as they seem, convinced that everything will be alright anytime, anyhow.

Positivity is inherent in us. We were born with it. Unfortunately, while growing up, various system beliefs from family and society, was fed to us, for which created a confused mind, losing our natural positive radiance.

Positive begets positive

In a work scenario, employees with positive attitude, are most likely get promoted first – compared to the pessimists. These kind of people, usually goes out of their way to motivate others, encourages to raise self-confidence and competitiveness, in a pleasing manner. They are likeable, approachable, with infectious magnetic vibes.

Health wise, researchers from Duke University in North Carolina and Columbia University in New York, conducted a study of 2,400 patients with angina – a heart disorder which causes severe chest pain. The research found that those with positive outlook, has 40% less likely to require hospital treatment.

Optimism reduces stress and the production of anxiety hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol – which raises blood pressure and causes burden in the heart.

A study on 2016 revealed that women who are optimistic are less likely to die of cancer, heart disease, stroke or other major causes of death.

As a matter of fact, the Harvard University suggested that public health professionals should begin pushing positivity in patients alongside a healthy diet and exercise. Positive attitude obviously plays a huge role in every aspect of our being.

Granting that culture, beliefs, environment, experiences – impacts our behavior and perception on things – it shouldn’t be a reason to deprive yourself from choosing to see the bright side of life.

9 Helpful Tips to Achieve a Positive Mindset:

Train your mind to be positive: share your upbeat approach of seeing beauty in everything to others. Exhibit kindness and gratitude at all times.

Find the silver lining: look for the best favorable angle in any negative situation.

Be mindful: you might be stressing out about something that we cannot change, has not happened yet or does not exist.

Focus on the right path: when negative events are swallowing you up, remind yourself that your response determines the outcome. Always opt for the positive response and the lesson the moment is teaching you.

Exercise regularly: it stimulates endorphins which enhances happy mood, as well promote mental and physical health, lowers the rate of depression and strengthens the muscles.

Choose a holistic diet: food can influence the way you think and act. Avoid foods which disrupts the natural rythmn of your body, like caffeine, processed food, red meat, oily and salty foods. Instead, eat more plant based foods.

Cultivate a loving relationship: for a peaceful heart illuminates a brilliant perspective.

Avoid negative thinkers: negativity is infectious. If you live with them, let them know in a gentle manner how it affects you.

Surround yourself with good-humored people: for laughter is the best medicine after all. Its potency revitalizes the immune system, enliven the spirit, which makes you live longer.

If only we can master how to train the eyes to see deeper than what the external sight could offer. That theres a dazzling beauty behind every occurrence in life – sufferings will perish, peace and tranquility will prevail.


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