‘Ing Lubenas ning Pasku’ (The Novena of Christmas)

The usually hectic road of Sto. Rosario was closed for the night as local and beautiful traditional lanterns danced their way in front of the Holy Rosary Parish Church (Pisamban Maragul) and Plaza Anghel.
Traditional lanterns designed as stars, angels, birds and even fishes were paraded in honor of each of the eight participating barangays’ patron saints. Students dressed up colorfully danced gleefully in the wee hours of the night as Christmas Kapampangan music blared from the loudspeakers. And locals, seated peacefully at the deserted street, watched as another year of tradition unfolded.
“Ing Lubenas ning Pasku” or “The Novena of Christmas” is a tradition that dates back to the 1800s.
Angelenos mastered the craft of lantern making and showcased their work during the anticipated procession. Today, the locals did not stray away from tradition. It truly is a glimpse of the past as beautifully handcrafted lanterns, made as they were hundreds of years ago, are lit up decorating the perfect façade as locals chanted their way into our hearts.
“Ing Lubenas ning Pasku” is usually celebrated in the evening of December 14 with intricately laced and richly decorated lanterns on bamboo poles paraded along the major streets of the city. –Ronan Catanghal
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