Jueteng ‘indirectly’ governing Pampanga, gubernatorial candidate says

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO – A gubernatorial candidate in the province of Pampanga – without hesitation – said during a candidates’ forum held at the University of the Assumption in this city that jueteng is “indirectly” governing the province.

“Makanyan kupung tinagal keto keng Kapampangan uling… indirectly, ing jueteng ing gugubyernu keni  kekatamu (The reason why I am running is that… indirectly, jueteng is governing the province),” Atty. Amado Santos said.

According to Santos, he is against jueteng or illegal gambling.He also cited the accountability of public officers under Article 2, Sec 1 of the Philippine Constitution. “Public office is a public trust… You should be beholden to your pepole and you should govern with honesty, integrity, efficiency and responsbility,” he said. He added:

“Efficient ka wari, anti mo ita, balu ta naman e ya dinatang ing kekaming katunggali. Baka eya man byasa magsalita keng stage, ne. Sorry (Are you even efficient, for instance, we all know our rival candidate did not show up to this forum.

Maybe he does not know how to speak on the stage? Sorry).

He thanked the University for hosting a forum where he was given a chance to speak before an audience, but assailed local TV station CLTV 36 and community paper Sunstar Pampanga for not giving news space for the opposition.

“Buri keng buri ing forum ayni, kasi keng CLTV 36 eke man midya-dyaryu, ampo keng Sunstar (Pampanga).

Sorry, pero y Delta (Vice Gov. Dennis Pineda) mu ing miyayakit karin,” he quipped.

Santos also said that he ran for office because of social media.

“Anya tinaggal ku pauli na ning social media.

Ala kung talagang gastusan para ikumpanya ke ing sarilli ku nune mu keng socia media ampo keng miyaliwa mu kalupa kanini. 

Pangutang yu man pu, yaku pu kumpnya ku maka-tricyce ku mu apong mag bus ku mu,” he said.

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