Kapampangan shout-out highlights SM Pamp​anga’​s ​F​reedom ​D​ay​ rites​

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO​ ​–​ ​SM City Pampanga yesterday commemorate​d​ the ​country’s ​119th ​Independence Day​ ​​as it unveiled ​a centerpiece honoring the Kapampangan language.

Dubbed as “Shout Out Pop Art”, with 30 Kapampangan phrases and expressions written in different colors representing the Philippine flag, the cente​r​piece was assembled using used LED lights.

According to SM City Pampanga Public Relations Manager Rain Cervantes, the centerpiece is an opportunity to promote the Kapampangan language among mallgoers which include non-Kapampangan speakers.

She added that freedom to use the native language is one of the message​s​ of the centerpiece.

SM malls in Pampanga celebrate Philippine independence to give tribute to the country’s history stand made on June 12, 1898. The event is an annual celebration participated by employees, tenants and shoppers of the mall as well as the communities in which SM serves.

Attend​ing​ the commemoration were 4th ​District ​Board Member Paul Balingit, Mexico Municipal Engr. Jess Punzalan, Supt. Joselito Imperial and Chief Insp. Dederick Relatibo.