Lazatin asks Angeleños to stay home; limit movement

ANGELES CITY – Mayor Carmelo ‘Pogi’ Lazatin, Jr. is appealing to his constituents to stay at home and limit movements outside of their home beyond getting essential needs amid the COVID 19 threat. 

“To help in curbing the spread of this disease, do your part by simply staying at home. I understand that this event of emergency has created anxiety, panic and uncertainty to all of us but if we would not address this issue seriously, we will not contain the virus,” he said. 

With this, Mayor Lazatin stressed the importance of limiting movement, where the City already increased border measures, cancelled all public gatherings, suspended classes and government work but maintained a skeletal workforce per department, and temporarily shutting down all non-essential business establishments.

“Most importantly, practice social distancing even at home. Reducing contact from one another by refraining from touching each other, and maintaining a one-meter distance,” he added. 

Furthermore, Mayor Lazatin also clarified that one member of the family can go outside if necessary, for getting basic necessities, medical needs, and other emergencies.

“For instance, if you have to go outside, please bring an alcohol or hand sanitizer with you. And kindly follow the home quarantine protocol issued by the Department of Health (DOH), which will be posted at the City Information Office (CIO) Facebook page,” he said. 

Lazatin is also asking parents to keep their children at home, as some minors were caught violating the imposed curfew hours in the City. He then reminded everyone to avoid social gatherings in their barangay. 

“These measures have been our backbone to safeguard everyone against the virus. Our City Government, especially our health workers, Quick Response Team, Barangay Heath Emergency Response Team (BHERT), and other key agencies are doing their part to monitor the COVID 19 situation in the City. Please help by simply obeying the set policies,” he added.

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