Lazatin’s Bold Bid for Pampanga’s District

Angeles City Mayor Carmelo “Pogi” Lazatin, Jr. has ignited fervent anticipation in Pampanga’s political landscape by officially declaring his candidacy for Pampanga First District Representative. His announcement on June 28, 2024, at Magalang town plaza marked not just a political milestone but also a profound commitment to advancing the district’s future. Lazatin’s bid resonates with a legacy of public service deeply rooted in his family’s history.

The event, coinciding with the 90th birthday of his esteemed father, the late congressman, mayor and barangay chairman Carmelo “Tarzan” Lazatin, underscored continuity and vision. It highlighted Lazatin’s resolve to uphold and build upon his father’s impactful legacy in Pampanga’s political and social fabric. This familial connection, coupled with his decade-long tenure in public office, positions Lazatin as a formidable candidate—possibly running unopposed—uniquely poised to steer the district towards sustainable growth and inclusive progress.

Lazatin’s leadership as Angeles City Mayor since 2019 has been distinguished by proactive environmental initiatives and innovative civic programs. Notably, his advocacy against plastic waste led to pioneering ordinances regulating their usage and promoting sustainable practices. His ‘Walang Plastikan: Plastic Palit Bigas’ initiative, where residents exchange plastic waste for rice, exemplifies his pragmatic approach to addressing local challenges with community-centric solutions.

Under his stewardship, Angeles City has earned accolades for governance excellence and economic vibrancy, underscoring Lazatin’s ability to translate vision into tangible achievements. His administration’s achievements, including recognition as a national finalist in the prestigious Walang Gutom Awards 2024, reflect his commitment to enhancing quality of life through innovative policies and inclusive governance.
Leagues of barangay chairmen, the Councilmen’s League of Angeles City shepherded by its president Ed Dalusung, and sectoral leaders representing women, PWDs, LGBTQ, farmers, public transport groups, the Muslim community, indigenous peoples, senior citizens, and solo parents from Angeles City, Mabalacat City, and Magalang have thrown their support behind Lazatin. Additionally, a group of desk officers focused on VAWC issues in Angeles City affirmed their backing, highlighting Lazatin’s advocacy for women and children. The Team LALAV People’s Organization founded by Russelle Ponce and its president Lea Barantez also expressed strong support, underscoring widespread endorsement for Lazatin.

As Lazatin embarks on this transformative journey, his candidacy not only promises continuity of effective representation but also heralds a new era of dynamic leadership. His unwavering dedication to public service and proven capacity to deliver results make him a compelling choice to advance the district’s interests on a broader stage. His vision for a prosperous, sustainable future resonates deeply, promising to shape the district’s trajectory with integrity, innovation, and inclusive growth.

Looking ahead, Lazatin’s vision is anchored in a commitment to legislative excellence and community-driven initiatives. With a robust background in local governance and a track record of transformative leadership, he intends to prioritize legislative measures that promote sustainable development, economic resilience, and social equity across the district.

Building on his successful tenure as city mayor, Lazatin aims to leverage his legislative role to enact policies that address pressing issues such as environmental conservation, infrastructure development, and economic empowerment. His experience in implementing innovative programs underscore his proactive approach to tackling societal challenges through practical and inclusive solutions.

Moreover, Lazatin’s advocacy for good governance and transparency positions him as a staunch advocate for accountability and efficiency in public service. He envisions a legislative agenda that not only responds to the immediate needs of his constituents but also lays the foundation for long-term sustainable growth and prosperity in Pampanga’s First District.

As he transitions from local executive to congressional aspirant, Lazatin remains steadfast in his commitment to uphold the values of integrity, dedication, and service to the people. His candidacy represents a new chapter of leadership characterized by vision, resilience, and a deep-seated passion for advancing the welfare of every community within the district.

In conclusion, Lazatin’s candidacy for Pampanga First District Representative marks a transformative moment in the region’s political landscape. With a legacy of public service etched in his family history and a proven ability to deliver impactful results, he stands poised to usher in an era of progressive governance and inclusive development that empowers every citizen and community in Pampanga’s vibrant and diverse district.

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