Pogo Scourge

Is it true that all politicians are now engaging in the filthy and dark world of Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs) which are now called Internet Gaming Licensees or IGLs?

If this is true, then this God-forsaken country is going to the dogs and into the criminal world of the underworld, courtesy of Chinese syndicates, who engage in human trafficking, kidnapping, torture, sex slavery, love scams, crypto scams, and other form of scams.

The operations of these IGLs had been legalized with no less than the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation issuing permits and at the same time monitoring these online gaming firms. But there had been oversight lapses that are now being blamed on LGUs who only issued a “Letter of No Objection” to the operation of the Business Process Outsourcing.

If the allegations that all politicians are now into the POGO industry, then the Pampanga Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) should conduct a thorough probe in the province. They should conclude the SP hearing where resource speakers are not given ample time to explain their side of the story.

For all and sundry, there are simply no grounds to prosecute or even suspend Porac Mayor Jaime “Jing” Capil because unlike suspended Bamban Mayor Alice Guo, who apparently applied for the LONO of Hongsheng as a private citizen, the former had no business dealings with the Lucky South 99 except for the business permit that it issued to Whirlwind Corporation, the owner of the Porac buildings.

The land where Lucky South 99 are located are not even reportedly classified as agricultural lands.
There are really no grounds to suspend Mayor Capil. Perhaps, a negligence had been committed on the part of the LGU but most of the blame can be attributed to PAGCOR, the sole agency that had a monitoring task force to oversee the operation of IGLs.

Perhaps the SP should call all the mayors and ask them to report all BPOs operating in their respective areas. These BPOs could be operating large-scale illegal scams just like the one at Sun Valley Clark, Baofu in Bamban, and Lucky South 99 in Porac.

Why pin down on Mayor Capil when all others could be another Guo who enjoy anonymity in their nefarious activities? Can we identify all the LGUs who issued LONOs in their areas? Just asking.

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