Lil’ Chef’s Culinaria School introduces children to magical world of cooking


ANGELES CITY — While children are always eager to participate in the kitchen, most parents are at a loss when it comes to what extent they can allow them to help in the cooking process.

Moreover, it’s often difficult for busy professionals to carve out some time to cook kid-friendly recipes with their tiny tots, who are enthusiastic about preparing their own food and sweet treats.

Lil Chef’s Culinaria School was founded with the intention to cater to the growing number of budding little chefs in the Philippines. In addition to a program for little ones, the Junior’s Chef Cookery Course, the school also offers the ‘Friday After Class Fun’ program for the “big kids”; a Sunday Bakers Club, and Adult-and-Child workshops.

Those interested in learning more about cooking can also participate in Lil Chef’s Culinaria School’s camps, or book private cooking sessions, during which they can receive individualized assistance and expert tips on how to become a master cook.
Furthermore, the school hosts thrilling birthday parties, where the birthday child can share his/her love for cooking with his/her little friends.

Commenting on Lil’ Chef’s Culinaria School’s success, Chef Scott Bermillo, the school’s owner and head chef instructor, stated that “While the school was only recently founded, it has already gained a significant audience. We are proud to say that our course enrollment climbs every single day.”

He continued, “Our mission to make the art of cooking accessible to children is intended to help kids grow into self-reliant adults, who will be able to take charge of their nutrition, and use cooking as a creative outlet, or even turn it into their profession.”

Enrollment to all Lil’ Chef’s Culinaria School programs is currently open, while birthday parties and private cooking sessions can be booked after contacting school staff.

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